Campaegli is a small resort at some 1400 metre altitude above the sea level, on the Simbruini Mountains, about one hour driving from Rome.

I hike in that zone since 1992, and in 1997 I decided to systematically travel throughout the paths in the area, taking notes of all the significant points, and surveying them with GPS. In year 2000 I published on Internet the first version of my Campaegli hiking guide (in Italian language only), which has been up-dated several times since then.

The guide is now in its mature phase. It includes more than 50 paths with almost 200 Km overall distance, over an area of about 50 square kilometres. More than 100 significant points have been identified and accurately surveyed with GPS. I maintain the guide up-dated with planned on-site inspections, that I usually perform while spending some vacation days in summer.